A collective mark is a special mark in the list of marks protected not only in Vietnam but also almost countries in the world; this list includes trademarks, service marks, certification marks and collective marks. Though accounting for a very small amount of national mark database, collective marks play an extremely important role developing specific goods, services of group of medium and small scale producers.

In Vietnam, the function of collective marks – informing the community about features of goods, services branded the collective mark - have not been used properly; the features include geographical origin, material, manufacture method, and other features of goods, services. A collective mark belongs to an organization (cooperatives, association of trades …), therefore, this organization will be responsible for building appropriate policy along with support from other sources for the development of a collective mark, besides controlling the compliance with Regulation use a collective mark of the members.

To use a collective mark, firstly individuals, organizations must be members of the group and secondly, comply with conditions in the Regulation of using collective mark. Besides having consumer trust through using a collective mark, members also simultaneously use their own mark in order to enhance the competitiveness of goods, services compared to other competitors. A collective mark is a good selection for medium or small scale individuals and organizations because it helps them overcome the challenges related to the scale of operations and the loneliness in market